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Rest in Peace Cheech


The only real heroes in all of this are, our dogs. They are the ones who suffer thru the abuse and neglect and the heartbreak of abandonment. And yet, after all they endure, they forgive and ask for yet another chance with humans again.

With today being the end of another season of Pit Bulls and Parolees, Villalobos Rescue Center continues to fight the battle.

And today, in lieu of the season finale, symbolic of the end of something great, we will pay tribute to those who made this entire journey worth fighting the fight, worth crying the tears and worth struggling to smile each day.

Will the TV show be back next year? That question cannot be answered as of yet. But what is the TRUE REALITY, is that we continue to do the same work, with or without the cameras.

The struggles are real, the tears even more so…..


Our favorite “four legged twins” had been with us since the Calif. days and when Chong was diagnosed with cancer, you saw me break down right on camera. But the big ole lug managed to fight it off another year until he had to finally leave us and his brother Cheech behind.

Leaving Cheech on his own, we found him the most beautiful home in Florida, where he has been loved beyond any amount of measure. Last week, the “other” big ole lug was “reunited” with his brother, taking another piece of our heart with him.

We will always and forever miss your slobber and drools.


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