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A Pit Bull Saw A Man Attacking A Woman. What Happened Next Shocked Everyone


This is a remarkable story of a friendly, loving household dog who intuitively knew that he had to assist a woman under attack.

Blitz is generally a sweet-tempered Pit Bull who jumps up to smell and lick visitors, however when his human opened her front door to examine the traumatic screams for help she heard, Blitz bolted past her to safeguard a woman being attacked by her separated other half.

Steven Paul Schumacher was dragging his spouse by her hair from her home across the street and to his parked vehicle when Blitz ran over to them and started intensely barking. Shocked by Blitz, Schumacher loosened his grip on his victim, who then faced Blitz?s house for security. Blitz?s human then stopped the protective canine prior to he did anything to damage Schumacher, and prior to Schumacher had the ability to hurt Blitz.

When authorities showed up on the scene, Schumacher, who was bring a large knife, was pacing beyond Blitz?s house. Thanks to Blitz, Schumcher was charged with?felony house invasion and domestic attack


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