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Hilarious Pit Bull Dog Copies Little Girl’s Cartwheel


When you have kids and pets in the house, there’s never ever a dull minute. No one knows this much better than Jacqueline, a Georgia mama with a young child and an 18-month-old American pit bull rescued last year.

Recently, Jacqueline was filming Kailyn doing some outstanding cartwheels around the living space– so outstanding, in reality, that the pittie called Oakland could not assist however attempt to get in on the action. At first, Oakland enjoys his sister so he can get the moves perfect … then proceeds to put his own “spin” on the traditional tumble, much to Mom’s delight. And just when you think this is simply a one-time thing, Oakland solves back and up and does it again. This is so hilarious– what a ridiculous pair of siblings!

In just a couple of days, Jacqueline’s video went massively viral, racking up 7 million views on Facebook. Since of the video’s appeal, Jacqueline has actually produced a Facebook page for Oakland. She’s hoping her video’s charming screen of love and love will assist reduce the preconception connected to pit bulls and other “bully breeds.”

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