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Two-legged Pit Bull, Fifty, who was an inspiration to dog lovers has passed away!


Fifty, the beloved two-legged Pit Bull who inspired millions of dog lovers around the world, has passed away. His human (and rescuer) Kelly Michael shared the news on Facebook, along with a short and touching eulogy.

Fifty lost two of his legs after he was shot by police who thought he was dangerous because he was a Pit bull. That’s how he got his name.

He ended up at a high-kill shelter in Chicago and was taken in by the foster home of Kelly Michael, who couldn’t say goodbye to him.

He became an inspirational and highly influential figure among dog lovers, working to dispel the stereotypes that Pit bulls are vicious dogs. Also he became an inspiration for dogs with disabilities, inspiring many families to adopt disabled dogs.

Michael shared the news on the Pit Bull Fifty’s Facebook page, Camp Fifty on Tuesday August 22, 2017 and wrote:

“Rest In Peace Fifty. I love you with every ounce of my being & I am forever grateful for all of the time we had with each other. You will always be my seahorse, my soul pup, my best bud & my whole heart. I miss you every single second of every single day.”

“Thank you to everyone who has shown Fifty & his family love & support over the years. This is just impossible for me to talk about at this time but I greatly appreciate everyone’s kindness.”

“I was prepared for a lot of work,” Michae said in a blog post at one time. “Then he jumped up on my couch, then my bed and then into my SUV. That’s when I realized: this boy had no idea he was any different than a four-legged dog.”“Fifty defies the unfair stereotypes of Pit bulls,” Michael continued.“He was shot by a human and lost two legs as a result.

Yet, he is still the sweetest and most forgiving dog. The main lesson I want people to learn from Fifty is that every dog, if there is quality of life, deserves a chance at a healthy, long and happy life. No matter what.”


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