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Pit Bull named Popsicle almost killed by drug dealers — Now? He sniffs them out!


Sometimes life has twists and turns that no one ever saw coming. At times, those things are for the better. At other times, they are for the worst. For one Pit Bull named Popsicle, one twist was the best thing that ever happened to her.

A police officer named Ron Clark Jr. from Buffalo, New York was making an arrest two years ago. He was taking in a known drug dealer and was searching his house for evidence. The officer saw an abandoned freezer on the front porch.

When Officer Clark opened up the freezer, he saw a black garbage bag that appeared stuffed with something.

“I poked my flashlight at it,” he recalls, “and it started moving. My worst fear was that it was a baby.” Turns out — it was a baby, it just happened to be covered in fur. Inside the bag was a tiny little Pit Bull puppy.

The officer couldn’t believe it but was so thankful that he found him before it was too late.

The baby was in bad shape but the officer was determined to save her. The poor little Pit Bull had apparently been used for fighting and was covered in dried blood.

The little guy was also malnourished, hypothermic, and on the brink of death. The officer found him just in time.

“He was in bad shape, but I was drawn to him,” says SPCA adoption counselor Shannon Wille, who named the pup Popsicle.

Sadly — due to his breed, a Pit Bull Popsicle was passed up by families time and time again.

Then, the shelter had a brilliant idea. They contacted U.S. Customs canine-enforcement officer Sally Barr. They thought Popsicle might be a great dog for them — they couldn’t have been more correct.

“You want a dog that plays a terrific tug-of-war,” says Barr. Turns out?

Popsicle graduated at the top of his class and is now hunting down bad guys. The same type of bad guy that put Popsicle in the freezer.

The people who abused and neglected Popsicle eventually got off with probation. The officer, however, couldn’t be more grateful that he opened that freezer on the porch on that fateful day.

“I still don’t know why I opened that refrigerator,” says Clark. “But it feels like it was meant to be.”

Popsicle is doing so great at his job! Last year he helped the feds seize 3,075 pounds of cocaine. This was the biggest bust at the Hidalgo, Texas port of entry ever!

“It’s astounding the obstacles this dog has overcome,” says U.S. Customs Service Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly. We’re so happy for you Popsicle!

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