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Diamond, a Pit Bull, Willing to Die to Save Family From Fire Named spcaLA’s Hero Dog of the Year


On Wednesday, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles awarded Diamond with their 29th annual National Hero Dog Award.

Hero pit bull Pit Bull Named SPCALAs Hero Dog Of The Year Diamond, a pit bull, was named Hero Dog Of the Year by the SPCLA. (credit: CBS)
When her family’s Hayward apartment caught fire in October, the dog barked to wake owner Darryl Steen. He rushed to save his daughters, grabbing 9-year-old Darahne and dropping her out a second-story window. 

But he couldn’t get through the smoke and flames to reach 16-year-old Sierra. Diamond not only wiggled through but shielded the teenager beneath a mattress until firefighters rescued them both.

Sierra and her father were treated for burns and received skin grafts. Diamond spent six weeks at a veterinary hospital recovering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Credit: losangeles.cbslocal.com


  1. Beautiful heroic story of Diamond❤️ the loyalty and l❤️ve that pitbulls have for their owner’s is why I l❤️ve pit bulls. Diamonds story brought tears to my eyes of happiness. God bless Diamond and the family that they are safe.


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