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Pit Bull family gets pulled from death row just in time and showers rescuers with love!


A Pit Bull family was about to be put down at a high-kill shelter until they were saved at the very last minute.

Mom, dad and eight puppies were about to be destroyed until they were rescued by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

“We were sick at the thought of this entire family being wiped out and these babies not even getting the chance to live and be loved. Momma is one of the sweetest most submissive dogs and shelter workers literally pleaded for her life.”

“Dad is just a youngster himself, under a year old, so worried for the fate of his mate and beautiful tiny babies. This ripped our hearts right out, knowing that in a few hours this family would be no more.”

Realizing they could not turn their back on the family, they pulled them from the shelter with no pledges or donations secured.

Thankfully, the rescue’s supporters answered the call for help.

The mom, now named Shana, and her mate, Rebel, are now safely together. The pair is very happy to be together.

The rescue noted that Pit Bull Rebel is especially attached. “He looks for her whenever they are apart,” the rescue commented.

As for their puppies, they will join them soon once they have been treated for parasites.

The puppies have bad parasitic infections and are too sick to be transported at this time. So they are with a veterinarian until they are better.

In the meantime, Shana and Rebel are enjoying their newfound freedom. “Both are very sweet youngsters themselves,” Second Chance Rescue writes.

The rescue is looking forward to finding this amazing family forever homes when they are ready.

“We just couldn’t let them die. Because of our amazing supporters, we were able to bring them into our rescue,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs posted to Facebook. “Thank you so much!”

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