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Abused Pit Bull Caitlyn May Have Finally Found Her Forever Family


It’s been a long journey for our sweet girl Miss Caitlyn, the pup who was found with her mouth taped shut at the end of May. We’ve been rooting for her as she recovered and captured our hearts forever. Caitlyn has countless supporters and has made so many friends. Now, this pup who was so badly abused may have finally found her happy ending.

Caitlyn is currently living in a foster home, where she has both a human brother and a dog brother, named Oreo. Charleston Animal Society posted a video of Caitlyn and Oreo hanging out, doing exactly what they should be doing – just being dogs. Caitlyn clearly loves Oreo, and even though he’s only her foster brother, she may actually never have to say goodbye.

Many, many people have been asking about Caitlyn’s adoption status and countless numbers of them seem to be willing to step up and adopt her, which is absolutely fabulous. To one of the recent inquiries, Charleston Animal Society commented, “More than likely she will stay with Oreo but final adoption will not be done until after the trial and that could take a year or more!”

Facebook/Charleston Animal Society
So, while we won’t know for sure just yet, it seems that Caitlyn and Oreo will get to stay together after all. No matter where Caitlyn ends up, all we all want is for her to be happy and finally get the love and affection she deserves.

Congratulations, Caitlyn. You are finally safe!

Of course, Caitlyn is not the only dog who needs a home. If you think you’re ready to add a furry best friend to your family, check out Adopt-a-Pet to find them!


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