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Abused Pit Bull Caitlyn’s Biggest Problem Now Is Losing Her Toy


As you may have heard, the pit bull who had her mouth taped shut, Caitlyn, has finally been put in a foster home with a loving family and her dog brother, Oreo. Considering the condition Caitlyn was in when we first heard about her, she has gotten more than we ever could have asked for her.

Before finding her foster family, Caitlyn faced surgeries, health issues and a lot of pain. Now, Caitlyn has healed nicely, and her problems are much less scary. Instead of having to worry about being abused or hurt, Caitlyn’s biggest problem is not being able to reach her toy when it falls too far away from her.

Charleston Animal Society posted this video of Caitlyn paying a visit and playing around with a toy. When Caitlyn loses the toy (as in, it falls a few feet away from her) she’s simply too relaxed to try and retrieve it. Girl, we’ve all been there.

It’s truly amazing that this is now Caitlyn’s biggest issue – a typical dog problem, just like she should have. Caitlyn used to have the weight of the world on her shoulders, and now, she’s just a regular dog again. It’s amazing that she’s made it this far, and that we’ve gotten to watch her throughout her journey to happiness.


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