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Cuddly Stray Pit Bull’s Smile Helped Her Find A Forever Home


This Pit bull, later named Lady Shortcake, was found wandering the streets alone in very bad shape. She had severe mange as well as a hernia, but she never lost her positive spirit.

She was taken in by a shelter and was eventually pulled after staff from Fresno Bully Rescue saw her picture. They didn’t really have the space for her, but after seeing her smiling face, they knew they couldn’t leave her at the shelter. She then went to live with a foster after receiving treatment.

That’s when a woman saw Shortcake’s picture and also fell in love with her smile. She immediately put in an application to adopt her, and drove three hours to meet her. She knew how sweet Shortcake was when she first saw her and knew she’d be a perfect fit for her family.

Now Shortcake is enjoying her new life with her new humans. She even met a new little human friend, named Grant, who lives next door. The two of them are always together and love each other so much.

Aside from spending time with Grant, Shortcake also enjoys cuddling, going to work with her mom, and taking naps.

“It’s great for everyone to just have a little stress relief,” Shortcake’s mom told The Dodo. “to go and sit with her, she’ll cuddle with you, and play with you.”

Through everything, Shortcake always wear that big smile on her face – the smile that helped her get adopted! Her mom is so thankful for her and says that life in general is more fun with her in it. Her goofiness and outgoing personality help make everyone’s day a whole lot brighter!

Credit : usapitbulls.com


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