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A Puppy Was Found With A Missing Paw, And Was Going To Be Euthanized Just Because She’s A Pit Bull


Several puppies were found living in a forest next to an abandoned area. The five-week-old puppies were without a mother, and it’s unsure of how they got there.

They were brought to a local Georgia shelter, but if they stayed there, they would’ve been euthanized. Henry County Animal Care and Control has a policy of not adopting dogs deemed to be pit bulls. If a pit bull is found as a stray, they hold them for only three days and then euthanize them.

Luckily, animal control called up Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue and asked if they wanted to rescue the orphaned pups. Jason Flatt, founder of the rescue, didn’t even hesitate to help them.

The three puppies — Krissy, Nugget and Sunshine — were put into foster homes immediately. While all of the pups are now safe, one question remained: why was Sunshine missing a front paw?

It’s unknown if the missing paw is due to a birth defect or if it was chopped off but someone. Either way, the pup constantly tried to walk on it.

Flatt wanted to help Sunny be able to use that paw again, so he brought her to the vet to see if she could be fitted for a prosthetic paw. For the meantime, was fitted with a temporary, flexible leg splint.

Sunny got used to the leg split so quickly and was doing great with it. Now she’s finally being fitted for a real prosthetic. They are making four different sizes for her for each stage of her puppyhood.

Credit : usapitbulls.com


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