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This Pit Bull Lost Her Baby, So Fate Brought Someone Special Into Her Life To Help Fill The Void


A pit bull named Billie Jean was surrendered to DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) in Georgia when her owner no longer wanted her. She arrived with a plethora of heartbreaking issues. She was visibly neglected and abused with wounds and scars all over her, and she was missing almost all of her teeth.

But when DCAS took Billie Jean in, they weren’t just getting one dog, they were getting eight! Billie Jean gave birth not long after arriving at the shelter, but sadly, the pups were very sick. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC helped the shelter and agreed to take Billie Jean and her puppies under their wing.

To add to it all, Billie Jean wound up getting pneumonia and had to be separated from her babies. Once she was healthy enough to go to her foster home, only three of her puppies had survived. So, Billie Jean and her three pups went to their foster home together. The three-week-old pups still needed special care, and Billie Jean was there every step of the way and was such a great mother.


Despite Billie Jean’s hardships in life, she is still an extremely sweet and affectionate dog. “Her darling spirit of forgiveness and love shined through from the moment that I met her,” Kristin Murphy Dubnoff, foster mom, told The Dodo.

Sadly, the pups were still in bad shape and another one of them passed away, leaving behind Phelps and Simone, along with Billie Jean. That’s when Dubnoff received a call from Rescue Dogs Rock about a two-week-old Beagle who had been orphaned and was in desperate need for a mother dog to nurse from. Dubnoff agreed to take him in, in the hopes that Billie Jean would “adopt” him as her own.

And she did! The Beagle pup fit in perfectly, and Phelps and Simone treated him as if he had always been a part of the litter. The addition of the Beagle pup helped to fill the void after Billie Jean’s puppy passed away, while Billie Jean and her pups provided comfort and love for the pup who had lost his mom.

The three puppies are doing great and will be up for adoption once they’re old enough. As for Billie Jean, she is still searching for her furever home! She is great with kids and loves to play and be affectionate; a total family dog!

If you’re interested in adopting Billie Jean, contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for more information.

source: http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com



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