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Woman dying of cancer needs a home for her pit bull!


Sherlock is a 5-year-old pit bull who loves people, long walks and cuddles. He was adopted from the Longmont Humane Society and has been lovingly cared for over the years, but because of Pat’s failing health, his future is now uncertain.

A Fort Collins, CO resident has fought hard to overcome her final-stage of breast cancer.

With an end insight, Patricia Cudd has made it a priority to find a loving home for her pit bull mix before she loses her battle to cancer forever.

Sherlock, has been a place of refuge for Cudd during this devastating time of her life. Cudd expresses that his continuous, unconditional love has given her the strength to fight as long as she has.

She is working hard to find Sherlock a suitable home before she deceases so can she can finally fulfill her dream of showing Sherlock the same love he has shown her over the years.

“I love him so much. I want him to have the best, you know?” she said with a smile, as the 5-year-old dog lay across her lap on the bed.
Cudd adopted Sherlock, also known as “Sherie,” from the Longmont Humane Society in the early fall of 2011. Sherlock was originally hesitant of to trust his new owner, but they quickly grew to be best of friends; enjoying long walks and playing at the local park when Cudd took breaks from her schoolwork at Colorado State University.

Their carefree fun came to a halt when doctors diagnosed Cudd with metastatic breast cancer back in 2013.

After exceptionally taxing chemotherapy treatments, Cudd would turn to her friend Sherlock for emotional support to regain her energy.

The two once spend the entire day nestled next to each other in the hotel room, watching movies and enjoying each other’s company.

Credit : doggiescare.com


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