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Dog Paces Frantically Around Burning Mobile Home Til Firefighters Pull Out Her 9 Trapped Puppies


When firefighters in Oklahoma City rushed to a burning mobile home, they initially thought the home was empty.

Quickly realizing they were mistaken, the firefighters rushed into the burning home to rescue the three people and many animals who resided there.

Although none of the human residents were actually inside, their animal family members were. Tragically, not all of the animals made it out alive.

But some did.

After rescuing one dog, firefighters noticed that she wouldn’t stop pacing around her home. Around and around she went, until they learned what she was trying to tell them: Her babies were still inside.

The puppies had ended up below the mobile home, and firefighters had to actually crawl underneath to find the babies. After some hard work in the mud, they found them. Nine puppies were pulled to safety.

Firefighters wrapped the tiny, 6-week-old puppies in a blanket to keep them warm and safe. They say the pups were dirty and wet but healthy otherwise.

Although this family lost so much in this fire, these puppies living to see another day is a glimmer of hope in their darkness. Mama and her puppies can be back together now, all thanks to these dedicated firefighters.

Check out the video below to see the puppies and meet the firefighters who saved them, and please SHARE this story on Facebook!

Thumbnail Photos: KFOR Oklahoma City

Footage provided by KFOR Oklahoma City


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