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Puppy’s ‘Bad Behavior’ Gets Him Kicked Out Of Kennel Before Volunteer Discovers He’s Just Deaf


Acorn, the puppy, was having a hard time at his kennel. He was struggling, throwing around his belongings, and making a fuss.

He wasn’t listening to any commands, and it seemed as if nobody could really control him. It all became too much — until a woman named Mary Motley took him home for the weekend and made a shocking discovery.

In the video below, posted on December 22, 2017, Mary explains, “I thought, ‘Oh! It’ll be so much fun to have a puppy for the weekend!’ Well, he was wild, he was out of control, and he didn’t listen.”

Then, Mary realized that Acorn wasn’t refusing to listen — he just couldn’t. Acorn was born deaf, and the world was silent to him. So, the kind woman decided to give the 1-year-old puppy his own way to communicate.

In the video, Mary says, “I thought about learning American Sign Language, but by the time I learned that, he would be 10 years old.”

So, Mary came up with a set of signals and taught them to the deaf puppy. Soon enough, Acorn responded and started behaving just like any other trained dog would.

Now, Acorn can thrive — all thanks to Mary’s patience and dedication to him!

Check out the entire story in the video below, and please SHARE if you’re glad Mary took Acorn in and made this important discovery!

Thumbnail Photo: Tribune

Footage provided courtesy of WJW Cleveland


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