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Guy Driving On Highway Spots 3 Puppies — And Knows He Has To Pull Over


was driving home from visiting his girlfriend when he saw something dart across the highway in front of him. At first he didn’t think anything of it and just slowed down to avoid hitting whatever it was — but as he passed, he saw two more of the little animals running around, and suddenly realized they were puppies.

“I immediately braked and stopped the car, and started going backwards,” Matei told The Dodo. “I went out of the car and there were three puppies, jumping on my leg and very happy. They did not have any idea that they were one inch close to death.”

At first Matei wasn’t sure what to do, but the little puppies were so friendly and eager to play with him, and he decided he just couldn’t leave them there all alone. He piled them into his car and continued the three-hour drive back home. The puppies were thrilled to be hanging out in Matei’s car with him …

… and eventually fell asleep from all the excitement.

During his drive home, Matei posted pictures of the found puppies on Facebook, and one of his friends recommended he call his neighbor, who is an experienced rescuer. He quickly contacted her, and after discussing the situation, she agreed to meet him at a local vet to help get the puppies cleaned up and checked out.

After examining them, the vet determined that the puppies were around 4 to 5 weeks old. All three had fleas, but otherwise were in surprisingly good health, meaning someone had likely abandoned them along the highway. The puppies were incredibly friendly and thrilled to meet each new person they encountered.

After getting them all checked out, the woman agreed to take the three puppies home with her, and Matei said goodbye to his highway buddies, hoping that they would all find their forever homes very soon.

“I left after with her promise that all the pups will be fine and that she will take care finding them new homes,” Matei said. “I checked after one week on her Facebook page and all the pups were with their new families, safe and happy.”


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