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He Was Scared And On The Brink Of Death. But After His Amazing Rescue, His Joyous Spirit Shined!


The Bill Foundation received a call about a homeless Pit bull, later named Gideon, who had been living by himself in an empty lot for months. He was very sick, on the brink of death, and needed help in order to survive. So of course after getting the call, they knew they had to help. They sent out two volunteers to take the journey to rescue this poor pup. Luckily, he got a happy ending!

When they arrived, they saw Gideon sitting alone; but when he noticed them, he got scared and ran to a house where he had been getting fed by people there. He was trembling with his tail between his legs and it was heart-breaking just seeing him like that! They tried to get close to him by holding out food, but he still walked away.

Finally he stayed and ate the pieces of cheeseburger that they were offering him. They put the leash on him and then led the way. They brought him to Animal Wellness Center in Los Angeles where they gave him a medical examination. It turns out that he had extremely contagious bacterial and fungal infections. They kept him quarantined while they treated him. As the weeks went by, his skin cleared up and he was looking like a brand new dog! Once he was healed, he not only looked better, but acted so much happier!

source: http://blog.theanimalrescuesite.com/


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